Pharmacy Expenditure

Identifying the true drivers behind pharmacy cost changes can be multifaceted and resource-intensive. Working with numerous complex data sets can be a daunting task taking up more time and resources than most pharmacy departments can afford.

"Sponsors should develop enterprise-wide metric reports and measurement tools (e.g. dashboards, scorecards, self-assessments, etc.) to evaluate operational compliance and compliance program effectiveness." - 2011 Program Audit Findings & Best Practices (Jan 20, 2010)

Understand and Control Your Pharmacy Costs

There are many variables that contribute to the total cost of your pharmacy expenditure. Understanding how these variables affect your bottom line will greatly improve your ability to understand and manage your total spend.

Cadre360® uses custom algorithms in its Pharmacy Expenditure software to continually prioritize and individually analyze the maze of cost drivers behind your data.

How Much is Lack of Oversight Costing Your Plan?

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